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Start your celebration for two with Berry Amour Romantic Villas

Indulge your romantic moment with Berry Amour Romantic Villas. Set amidst beautiful and natural scenery of lush Seminyak rice field, find your privacy within serenity in the heart of Seminyak. Each thematic rooms of Berry Amour Romantic Villas’ 176 sqm offer spacious 1 bedroom private villa complete with Jacuzzi, sunken dining area and en suite kitchen. Surrounded by exotic atmosphere, beautiful interior and fully facilitated private 1 bedroom villas, feel free to choose your language of love through Temptation, Mystique and Desire.

We cater neither children under 16 year old nor 3rd adult sharing the same room. This policy is strictly applied


a Celebration for Two Sanctuary

The First Love Themed Private Pool Villas, Desire, Mystique and Temptation.  Each theme is romantically designed with different scent, interior, exterior, and bed layout setting respectively that enlivens your love mood. It is dedicated for couple to live their dreamiest love story with unique love experience that lasts.


Every love story is different and perfect in their own way. Create your own perfect memory within the romantic choices of Desire, Mystique Villa and Temptation Villa. Desire Villa offers the purest love of all, while Mystique villa might help you to uncover the mysterious way of love and its virtue. Temptation Villa is the signature theme of Berry Amour Villas. The eroticism of Temptation villa will allow you to reveal your sensuous alter ego and express it in the sexiest way.

A unique love themed villa

A romantic tryst is to paint every love story differently. Express your love illusion in a love theme of your choice to reminisce. Desire in a gentle ambience to refine the purity of love. Mystique in an ethnic nuanse to uncover the mysterious way of love while Temptation is the signature theme to thrill the eroticism of love.


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