5 Best Activities in Nusa Dua

August 22, 2017

Nusa Dua is located at Southern of Bali Island. It is a famous elite area where all the luxury hotels are gathered in one area. There are many fun activities you can do here with your loved one if you are staying at the Southern tip of Bali. Here are 5 best activities in Nusa Dua:

1. Water Sports

activities in Nusa Dua

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Tanjung Benoa is located very close from Nusa Dua and it is the best place for water sports in Bali. You can test your adrenaline and spending your time together with your loved one while playing the fun water sports, such as Banana Boat, Flying Fish, Jet Ski, Parasailing, Rolling Donut, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Sea Walker, Water Ski. You can also try Fly Board and fly like Iron Man.

2. Surf and Turf Nusa Dua

activities in Nusa Dua

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Surf and Turf is a beach club and amusement water park in Nusa Dua where you can spend a whole day with your loved one there. It features swimming pool, restaurant and bar, surf rider, water slides and space bowl. Surf and Turf is overlooking the beach and they also have beach activities including canoeing and cycling, relaxing at sun loungers by the swimming pool overlooking the scenic of Nusa Dua Beach.

Location: The Bay Lot C-0, Nusa Dua

Opening hours: 10AM–9:30PM

3. Devdan Show

activities in Nusa Dua

Image credit: IG @devdanshow

Devdan is a theater in Nusa Dua where you can get visual tour of Indonesia’s culture and diversity for 90 minutes, from Bali to Sumatera, Java, Borneo and Papua. You will enjoy traditional Indonesian dance activities with modern contemporary dance, aerial acrobatics attraction, dazzling costumes and hi-tech special effect. The show is one of the most amazing and memorable Bali attractions and ensures to provide a perfect choice to fulfill your entertainment activities during your stay in Bali. Be sure to book your seat early and get ready for the most amazing Bali show available.

4. Water Blow

activities in Nusa Dua

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Water Blow is one of favorite spots for locals and guest who are staying at the nearby resorts in Nusa Dua. It is a place where you can see and feel the strong blow of big waves crashing against the coral reef. Why is it called Water Blow? Because of the big waves crashing through the sturdy the coral reef which makes the sea water smashed and slammed. If you want to feel the sensation, try standing on the bridge that was built on the coral reef purposely to make it safer. Normally, the big waves occurred on the daytime and dusk. This southern peninsula offers leisure walks along the paths that line its circumference. The Water Blow site serves as a great stopover to cool off or catch a breath in between walks or jogs. The site allows free access for the public.

5. Geger Beach

activities in Nusa Dua

Image credit IG: @oxanakorolevaa

Geger Beach is one of favorite beaches in Nusa Dua where you can swim or snorkel in calm and crystal clear water. It’s perfectly safe for you because of its shallow water. It is a public beach on ITDC Nusa Dua and you can feel warmest water temperatures in Bali here.

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