Berry Amour, bridging the love fantasy to reality

Out of all the uncertainties in the world, we can’t deny one thing that is certain, love. It is the language that has been spoken throughout the existence of humanity. In all of that process to reclaim and reveal love in itself, we reached one conclusion, just as what Gary Chapman stated in his book, each of us have our own primary language of love. In other words, all of us as individual bearing different concept of love thus, differs perception on how we celebrate love in itself.  

Start from this understanding, Berry Amour creating a research here and there to understand the need of love and to translate each of the harmony in a sense of an experience that you will never forget. That fact drives us to this understanding that if we can describe what love is maybe these three words are here to represent, love is a pure desire, it’s full of mystery and contain an undeniable temptation.

Just like the love story of Grey and Anna, all of the truth in the world, what is right and wrong is faded when both of them are together. There is unspoken and undeniable temptation in their love story which we believe also happen for some of us. This is the start our inspiration to create a stay experience for those lovers with undeniable temptation, a Fifthy Shades of Temptation.

We can also learn from the story of Edward and Bella in Twilight. Their entire romance is contained in a mystery that at first none of them could possibly understand. As years go by and the love you have is grow stronger, its unveil the mystery and it left nothing but a unique sensation as you discover your love one. Just like that, we create Twilight Saga in Mystique experience.

Furthermore, none can deny the beauty of pure love represents by Rachel and Nick in Crazy Rich Asians. Despite all the obstacles, when it comes to love, it will always find a way. Decorated by beautiful romance and breathtaking ceremony, we all want a love story as pure as how Nick love Rache. Thus, we try to represent the love story they have in a Crazy Rich Desire experience.

All of the stories made by man is only a glimpse of representation on how one view the meaning of love. With an understanding to create this fantasy into reality, like a fairy godmother, Berry Amour is here to make your fantasy into reality

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