Dine With Your Loved One at Jemme Dining

Jemme Dining

It always perfect to celebrate your romantic getaway at Berry Amour Villas. Lucky for you, Berry Amour is located on strategic area surrounded by romantic dining restaurants. One of them is Jemme Dining at Jalan Petitenget No. 28. Jemme is renowned as fine jewelry shop and dining place with classic and elegant decorating.

Jemme definitely is a perfect restaurant to dine with your loved one. Sit on the comfortable sofa surrounded by jewelry set on the wall as wall decoration, delicious food and interior decoration dominated with purple, white and black colors. Your dinner would be more perfect because in dining time Jemme also has live piano to accompany you during dinner. You can also engage Jemme o hold private wedding party. It’s only 10 minutes away from Berry Amour Villas.

Source image: baligo.co

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