Dr. Love

Nourishing Lovers’ relationship by Pastor Witanto

The term is something very much thought provoking for us all. It was used for the title of the greatest hit song in 1970’s by First Choice, the American girl group music from Philadelphia. They had already popularized the term in their song with the title of Doctor Love.  A book about Dr. Love is also written by Gael Greene to help lovers to find meanings in the lives of their loves and bring the fantasy of their love venture to a higher level of reality.

Gary Chapman, an American writer, has written a book with the title of the 5 love languages that emphasizes on giving some insights for lovers in understanding their half lives primary love languages. His book unveils the importance of nourishing relationship with life partners by understanding, accepting and responding positively to their primary love languages. Love naturally reciprocates in a two way direction. The book has been made available in each villa for lovers to get to know more about their partners’ primary love languages while spending quality time in a love themed private pool villa sanctuary.

In this article, I am introducing Pastor Witanto whose proven expertises and examined experiences in not only conducting wedding ceremonies but also providing lovers with a marriage consultation to nourish the harmonious relationship of married couples. He has worked on conducting wedding ceremonies to include elopement wedding events in a few wedding venues in the island of Bali.  He also has provided consultations for both married couples and couples falling in love but not marry yet to grow and nourish the feeling of their love. He will come to visit the couples where they are staying in. A couple holidaying in Bali are privileged to spend a few hours to get his vibe to improve their invaluable relationship.

He provides couples with a questionnaire form separately to be filled up prior to meet in person where the couple are staying in. There are some relevant questions on the form to be honestly responded by the couples to facilitate the couples in desperate pursuit to naturally improve their relationship and make a proposed consultation smooth and flawless. An advanced diagnose is a necessity for him to learn and provide it with proper solutions. He gives the opportunity for couples staying in Berry Amour Villas to utilize his expertises. His website https://www.prepare-enrich.com. Contributed by Kade Lasiadi

Pastor Witanto conducts wedding events and provides love consultations.
He is a celebrant, Pastor and Dr. Love.

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