Rsi Gana

Rsi Gana a grand purification ceremony

A Grand Purification Ceremony

Saturday May 18, 2019 was the full moon rise of the 12th month of Saka calendar, Sadha, one of the most auspicious days to conduct a ceremony. It marked the implementation of the Rsi Gana ritual for Berry Amour Villas’ premises after nearly 6 years of operation. This is one of the five rituals Balinese Hinduism has to perform, Butha Yadnya.

In Balinese Hinduism teaching, the underworld creatures, Butha that allegedly live together with us side by side but in a different dimension considered as the negative energy that possibly interferes human life.  

The focus of this ritual, Yadnya, is on the Caru, a special offering made that is believed can appease the underworld creatures. The ritual was officiated by Ida Rsi, a higher Priest, who conducted this particular ceremony. Gana is the God in His manifestation as the Ganesh whose the power to neutralize and to turn negative energy to positive energy. Thus, the ceremony primarily aims at neutralizing the villa’s premises from the negative energy and turning it onto the positive energy that potentially benefits human life.

This living cultural tradition also purposely makes Berry Amour Villas a better place to work, thrive and holiday. This is the concrete implementation of Tri Hita Karana teachings to create and maintain the equilibrium of the harmonious human relation to the Almighty God, humans and the environment where other living beings live in. All this divine process contributes to the spiritual charm of Bali island that is believed to have wooed and attracted the interests of millions of tourists in the globe to visit the island for years. contributed by Kade Lasiadi

Splashing holy water and wafting the vibe of the  offerings  throughout the entire villa premises

Making a noise to gather the Butha by blowing seashells, striking bells and beating anything bang-able

Sacred dance, Rejang, specially performed at this Butha Yadnya ritual

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