Love Festival

berry amour wedding

It is going to be held on Tuesday, 28 August 2018. The main activity of this event is the photo/video shooting for a wedding blessing ceremony taking place on the floating stage of in villa swimming pool. There will be models of a bride and a groom as the wedding couple. The photo/video taking will also be done in the wedding chapel at multi function area close to Bar & Lounge.

The villa will be adorned with fairy lightings installed in some corners and fresh colourful flower arrangements set up from the main entrance, lobby ramp, wedding chapel and Villa Querido. The setting illustrates the euphoria of the wedding blessing ceremony. Salsa dance will be performed to highlight the festivity. Photographers, medias, wedding planers and travel agencies will flock together to cover the event.

The activity of the wedding blessing ceremony becomes an additional ritual for lovers that will complete the packages of a celebration for two that Berry Amour Romantic Villas offers. Berry Amour Romantic Villas is a truly romantic destination.

berry amour wedding

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