How to cuddle to make your partner feel truly loved

Couple Travellers

The benefits of cuddling to make your partner feel truly loved while travelling with her in a romantic solitude away from home

Couple Travellers in pursuit of a solitude to express their love languages

Travelling twogether with your partner in love could be the most exciting journey. Your minds can be blown up. Your feeling is overwhelming. Your faces can be so beaming. Your hearts are beating a lot faster. You might not be able to sleep at night because of this dreamy romantic getaway on the way. Finding a romantic solitude for two is a smart option that underlies your commitment to constantly refining, extracting, electrifying and purifying your love from anything that probably disrupts your relation. Deep in the heart, you both want to do something significant to make your connection even stronger, in search of a constructing moment, rediscovering a whole entity of love that matters, the language of the heart that resonates within you. Everyone wants to feel truly loved by embracing the warmth of his or her partners at any time possible amidst the hectic routine. The routine often takes you apart from your twogetherness. When time comes to get twogether, spending quality time twogether is a necessity. Understand more about the primary love language of your partner and express yours become vital. That is one of the 5 love languages to be spoken in a romantic escapism, the book by Gary Chapman, the author. The love languages can be a foundation to nurture your quality relation when travelling twogether. Don’t ever let your feeling of love evaporate. Celebrate every single transition of your love rituals that start with a proposal, continue to engagement and include the marriage stage, wedding, honeymoon, baby moon, wedding anniversary and vow renewal to reignite the flame of your love constantly. Fill your love tank always full. Discover your love language at

This happens to the body when you cuddle your loved one

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When talking about hugging. It varies. It can be a hugging before leaving to work, hugging to calm down, pampering hugging in the bed. All those are the forms of expressing love and care. The one expressed in the bed has a more meaningful purpose. It is not just hugging but more to cuddling. There are some positive effects impacting your body clinically when cuddling your partner. According to the research, a woman needs more quality time for intimacy, cuddling, in the bed post sex. When cuddling, the body releases the hormone of oxytocin. The hormone of oxytocin does not only make you feel happier, but also more relaxed. The hormone of oxytocin is also known as the hormone of love. Oxytocin is a fairly easy hormone to activate. This is a natural response of the body when cuddling in the bed. Cuddling also plays a role in other aspect of life to boost the immune system of your body because of releasing abundance of hormone of love and happiness. Your libido increases. It also lessens the intensity of stress and anxiety. It makes you feel more comfortable, secure and protected. It also lowers the blood pressure and slows down the heartbeat. This does not only intensify your feeling of truly loved but also benefit you physically, mentally and spiritually. Hate it or love it, men should initiate the cuddle. Give her more hugs, snugs, massages and kisses to show her that you truly love her. For more info, click

The choices of compelling cuddle techniques that suit you

A one bed room private pool villa sanctuary is a perfect option to detain both of you in an ultimate privacy to speak the languages of your love. Love is a celebration for two, thus you need privacy for a freedom to whisper your feeling. Be the hero for the queen while in an escapism for a romantic getaway. The hero is the one who initiates the cuddle with some compelling techniques to make your partner, your favourite four legged friend, you are meant to be. Caress and pamper her in your warmth.

1. The Spoon

Spooning is the ultimate cuddling position. Let’s be real. Anyone can be the big spoon when cuddling, but it is often larger or dominant partner. When you are the big spoon, you wrap your arms around your partner while you are both lying close on your side; your stomach rests against her back,

The Sweetheart cradle

2. The Sweetheart cradle

It’s a comforting form of cuddling that creates feelings of trust and well being.
This position is often used when you need to be nurtured. Your partner lies on her back and holds you while your head rest on his chest.

The leg hug

3. The leg hug

Like the cheek to cheek, this position is popular when sleep is your priority, but you still want physical contact. After you both find a comfortable position, you put one leg on top of your partner’s leg. You may need to adjust your leg if it makes yours unconformable after a while.

4. The lap pillow
Laying your head in your partner’s lap is playful position. It also displays trust, since it leaves your partner more vulnerable. This position makes it easy to snatch a kiss or two or even three. It’s the perfect position for binge watching your fave.

The lap pillow

There are many other techniques that likely interest your preferences. Will you be ready as a hero in your dreamiest love story to practice some of the cuddling techniques and pamper her in romantic indulgence? You can do it at anytime and anywhere, either in the privacy of your togetherness or aloneness being together amidst the crowds. The more often you do it the happier you are going to be as a couple and the stronger your connection will become. Dare to whisk her away to cuddle her. Don’t let the Certified Cuddlers to hug your partners for professional cuddling purpose because it won’t be effective clinically I doubt. Cuddling involves chemistry of the two hearts falling in love. It is a therapy by a natural healing technique with love involvement. Cuddling can also be done by parents to their children and friends to nurture their friendships. For more information, click the source Come and stay at Berry Amour Romantic Villas, in Batubelig-Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia,, where the flavour of love is.

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