Why Heavenly Gate for Lempuyang Madia Temple

Lempuyang Temple

Why the Gates of heaven in Bali at Lempuyang temple located in east cardinal direction

The Rwa Bhineda, the two opposite energies that always coexist. There are thousands of temples in the Island of Paradise Bali that have similar gates of main entrance but they are not so popular as the ones belong to the Temple of Lempuyang, located on the hills of Bisbis in the village of Abang, Karangasem regency of east Bali. Split gate is a characteristic of Balinese architectural design. It symbolizes the rwa bhineda, according to Balinese Hindu teaching, meaning the two opposite energies that always coexist and complement each other to create an equilibrium, night and day, man and woman, happy and sad, and many more pairing things. Such gates are seen in every entrance of temples in all functions, village temples, Jagat Nata temples, Kahyangan Jagat temples and many more. We understand that every area has its own uniqueness incomparable that excites the visitors to enjoy the natural beauty that God has created for us all. The gates at the temple of Lempuyang are blessed for the beauty of the look that draw the interest of people holidaying in the island from all over the world to visit. The area has now always flooded with tourists, in addition to the local worshipers who visit the temple for praying. There are two purposes of people going there, neither one interrupts the other.

Why the Gates of heaven in Bali at Lempuyang temple in east cardinal direction

Lempuyang temple is one of the nine Kahyangan Jagad temples, built in 1950 on the top of the hills, higher position, where the God of Iswara sits ruling to protect Bali Island in the east territory. In accordance with the folk story, Lempuyang derives from the two words of ‘Lampu’, means ‘Light’, and ‘Hyang’, means God. East is the direction of where the sun rises to brighten the island. East is where the light, the sun, of the God comes from to shut the dawn that makes the beauty of the entire island revealed to the world to be admired. East is the Gate of the island where sun starts rising from. Heaven is to describe the unparalleled beauty of the location where you can see the breath-taking views of the highest volcano, Mt Agung, seen standing strong in front of the gates, and its surroundings, incredibly visible from the higher position at the gate. It is very instagramable scene to take photos. Therefore, those all contribute to the admiration of visitors naming it the Gates of Heaven. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru hailed Bali as the Morning of the World to expresshis compliment to the wonder of the island. The nine Kahyangan Jagat Temples are built spreading across nine cardinal directions to protect the island from all corners and where the Respective God sits ruling each direction with eight wind directions and one in the centre the Besakih temple, where the God of Siwa sits. For further information, click https://nowbali.co.id/pura-kahyangan-jaggat-bali/

How to get there

It takes around a 2 hour drive from Berry Amour Romantic Villas, leaving early morning with an expectation that you arrive at the gates of haven in time. So, you don’t need to wait in queue of the crowd flocking together to get your turn to take photos with picturesque scene for instagram posts.  The location is always inundated with visitors wanting to take photos. Sooner you arrive in the main parking lot, you may get a motorcycle ride service with extra charge while helping the locals earning whom benefit from the growing tourism in the area, to the starting point of embarking the hills filled with vegetation. It offers enough shade though. When descending, you may walk down for a little exercise, a lot easier. Along the way up to the top of the hills, it is advisable not to talk or even think anything dirt or porn with your partner. That sort of thought will potentially disrupt the comfort of your journey forth and back. For instance, if you are grumbling unknowingly that the uphill walk is too hard, it will potentially take a lot longer for you to arrive at the top. The area is charged of intangible energy that keeps watching you along the way. Be aware of this. Don’t even try. We received an unbelievable but a real testimony about this from foreign couple who recently did a visit there. They realized their inconvenient experience occurred that made them feel so uneasy sooner a spiritualist helped them to uncover it in the way of a different dimension. Make sure that woman is not in her period and put sashes and sarongs on to show your genuine respect to the holy area. The Lempuyang temple is situated at 1.174 meters above sea level. The temperature at the top is relatively cooler from 22’ C up to 24’ C.

On the way back to villa

You will drive back to villa in the same route passing through the objects of tourism, Water Palace, Tirta Gangga, one of the palaces belongs to Karangasem kingdom, and Candi Dasa where accommodations in all sizes are scattering around. The area is relatively cheaper with lower class accommodation. Candi Dasa is popular for snorkelling activity, local living tradition, and a quiet place to escape from urban life. We highly recommend you to have lunch either at Alila Manggis, world chain hotel brand or Amankila, one of the most expensive resorts in the island, where many Hollywood movie stars stay in, Richard Gere, Brooke Shield, Robert de Niro and many more. Amankila is beautifully designed and built over the hills with stunning ocean views and terraced swimming pools. Both are located in Manggis village, farther west from Candi Dasa. Making a few stops on the way back is worth time spending. For further info click: www.amankila.com and https://www.alilahotels.com/manggis.

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