TIPS to climb Mt Batur

TIPS to climb the top of Mt. Batur and worship the incredible sunrise that excites you

The stunning view of Mt. Batur with its 1.717 meters height has been becoming so popular amongst the sunrise worshipers to conquer its top. It stands incredibly visible from the main street of Kintamani district of Bangli regency, where the volcano belongs to. The breathtaking views of the volcano and the lake on the side always draw the admiration of passersby. Bangli is the only regency that supplies the biggest amount of oxygen in the island because there are not many constructions for the industries in the area yet. The central government of the island now has become so dependent to this regency for oxygen consumption that islanders need.

The moments the sun is rising gradually hig

Hundreds of travelers holidaying in the island do the trek over the volcano every day to witness the tremendous sunrise hiding behind Mt. Agung seen from the distance, the highest volcano in the island with 3.031 meters height. Some of the travelers might have pre arrangement for it even before they arrive in the island while the rest book the activity sooner it interests them when they are already in Bali. There some trek guides readily assist you on the site to climb the volcano. The main purpose of people going there is to praise in deep the natural beauty of the sunrise breaking the morning.

a monkey of macaque species is present at the top to address the hikers

After having done a few treks on the dusty and gravelly path, we deeply learnt from every single corner to formulate TIPS to reach the top that magnetize your interest to trek over it in an excitingly arduous journey;

What to prepare

  1. Book it in advance since it needs some arrangements that involve third party, a trek guide.
  2. Wear sporty outfits, loose T-shirt, pants, shoes with shocks and hand gloves since the temperature at the top is down to 11’ C.
  3. Bring extra fresh clothes to change as an option when you feel get dust covered your clothes
  4. Bring enough drinking waters
  5. Bring sunglasses to protect eyes from dust in the wind and the brightness’ intensity of the sunlight when descending
  6. Bring soft material facial masks to protect your breath from inhaling dust in the wind
  7. Bring wooden sticks as an option that might help at the trek
  8. Bring a camera and a drone as an option to document this nature phenomenon
  9. Bring little foods to feed the monkeys at the top

What to do

  1. Make sure that a trek guide goes together with You
  2. Go to the rest room when necessary before you start climbing
  3. Make sure that you arrive in the location before The sun rises as to find the best spot to point your camera to it. Sun rises at 6:am or 6:30am.
  4. Make sure that you park the car in the second parking lot position which is located nearby the Temple of Pasar Agung. It is a 10 minute drive away from the main parking lot. From this starting point, it takes shorter hours to trek.
  5. Do final check for all necessary logistics and equipments to bring with you
  6. Use your stick during the trek at any possibility
  7. Make sure that you put your paces on the steady rocks at any possibility
  8. Take a break whenever you need it during the trek. There are a few break posts along the trek route
  9. Visit a nearby hot water spring, an option, to soak  and help the entire body get relaxed and relieve the fatigue sooner you finish the trek.

What not to do

  1. Do not eat before climbing. Leave your stomach empty but drinking a cup of coffee with small bites is fine.
  2. Do not stand on the very end edge of the top of the volcano for self photo taking
  3. Do not keep sitting on the ground while at the top when other hikers start standing up to avoid getting dust blown away and hit the eyes.

Local hikers bring with them staple foods, rice, for them to eat after the trek. It is a local habitual tradition. There aren’t good restaurants around there. Ubud is a better option to have your brunch on the way back to your home stay unless you have it at the hotel where you are staying in.

The crowd are descending the slope of Mt. Batu

The most important thing of all this is to raise your enthusiasm and excitement to make it happen with all possible efforts.  Mount climbing is one of Bali’s attractions that you may experience while holidaying in Bali. The height of Mt. Batur is relatively conquerable. It takes only 1.5 hour trek from the second parking lot position. Descending might be slightly harder because your legs have to hold your entire body weight. It is all paid off though.

Seen on the picture, people gather to go down together. It potentially slows down your paces as you are part of the crowd. Some paths are a bit narrower to trek over due to the width of the only passing path is tiny. It enables only one by one person to go down. Dare to climb. Dare to test your adrenalin. Experience one of Bali best adventurous activities to reminisce in a lifetime.  More info WA : +62 81 337 357 662

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